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About Us

Reliant Holdings, Inc was founded in 2005 by CEO / President Bob Kane. We started with one work area and a handful of employees. Since then we have continuously evolved and grown. Several renovations to the building have been completed to keep up with the growth of the company. Currently, there are more than 70 full time employees working at the 15,000 square foot facility situated on 2 acres in Indiana, Pa. Our strength has been our talented employees with a passion for their work. Reliant Holdings is a leader in providing a full spectrum of credit related products and services to individuals under served by traditional financial institutions. Reliant Holdings, Inc. was founded on premise that good people sometimes have bad credit.

Through partnerships with various national lenders and credit bureaus, Reliant Holdings, Inc. provides our customers access to credit and benefits they deserve. Inbound Call Center operations, Marketing, Information Technology, Accounting and Fulfillment Services encompass the majority of the employment opportunities within Reliant's organization. Our mission is to value each customer, employee, client and business partner with utmost respect and dignity while preserving our entrepreneurial spirit as we provide World Class Marketing and Fulfillment solutions. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you grow, expand and profit.

What Services Do We Provide?

Online & Direct Marketing

Reliant Media Group is the online marketing arm and affiliate network of Reliant Holdings, Inc. Reliant Media Group is a world-class innovator in the Online & Direct Marketing space, bringing Advertisers and Publishers together in the subprime finance category and beyond. Specialties include exclusive campaigns that offer industry leading payouts and conversion, first rate account management, and rock solid reporting in real time. These attributes foster a pay per performance environment where Advertisers are confident their campaigns attract traffic of the utmost quality, and where Publishers can be sure that are matched with the best offers and are compensated fairly when their traffic performs.

E-Commerce & Mobile Technology

Reliant Holdings, Inc realizes the importance of keeping up with the rapid developments for mobile devices, and the expanding realm of online shopping. Online shoppers visiting Reliant's web properties experience seamless designs and easy to use interfaces to find and purchase the products they desire. Reliant uses all company resources available to make sure every website optimizes perfectly for whichever mobile or desktop device and web browser the customer is using for their visit.

Customer Services

Member Services is a dynamic inbound call center that provides friendly and professional customer service for Horizon Card Services. Our agents assist with member questions as well as help address member concerns. We also provide credit repair, credit monitoring, personal loan solutions and many other exclusive offers to our member base via third party partnerships with industry leaders. The department accomplishes all of this while providing a fun, performance based team environment.

Fulfillment Services

After building a recognizable brand online, we took the next logical step in the process: product fulfillment. Since 2006, Reliant's E-commerce Order Fulfillment Service has been a trusted ancillary department within the Reliant Holdings business network. Our ongoing commitment is to incorporate cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art shopping site design, and a customer first mentality to provide an overall quality consumer experience.

Our mission is to make the purchasing and ordering process worry-free and enjoyable for our customers.

Application Development

With dedicated developers located in-house, Reliant Holdings, Inc. designs, develops, and deploys our own performance-optimized, scalable mobile and web applications.

We deliver powerful native, web, and hybrid applications that utilize the latest in mobile development frameworks to build apps for all mobile platforms that fully engage our customer base.

Outsourcing Solutions

Reliant Teleservices has the solutions for your contact center needs. We partner with businesses to fulfill their unique needs for providing the best customer experience. With multiple call centers, we have the ability to staff and handle volume of all ranges for our clients. We have customed solutions for telephone, email, live chat, SMS text and/or social media.

We provide customized call center solutions that improve customer service and brand reputation. Learn more at